Diamond Blade

We at Bric-Crete provide a range of personalized products in the domain of bricklaying and building homes and framing and bettering industry premises. Among other products is the diamond blade for our cutter machines. These are made from hardened tempered steel with a high diamond composition for a fair cutting experience.

The diamond cutter has a few particles of the diamond in the metal matrix within very small cutting edge. These diamond blades from us in Melbourne are either made of steel rimmed in the core or diamond surfaces are impregnated in the cutter. The diamond cutter rotates at a velocity of 30 m/s which is usually the speed for ordinary racing cars whereby small chips in various sized contained in the cutting edge scratched out by diamond particles help to attain a smooth cut edge with utmost precision. The size of these diamond particles have a great impact on the finishing of the product. The size of the diamond particles cut portion determines the width of the cut portion. The main function which lies with the diamond blade is to do circular or annular graining or sawing and slicing and dicing according to the requirements.

The diamond blade in the cutters are cooled by presence of water in the cutter without which it is very difficult to cut through a rough or abrasive surface of the metal or chip of bricks or concrete or asphalt. The water does a threefold task- cooling down overheated surfaces of the blade and interiors, removing the slurry gathered from commercial cutting and the harmful dust emanated from the rotations. Particulant diseases are high for cases where the cutter does not take the proper precautions while cutting and inhales the dust. Sizes in which the blades are available are 14” and 16”. Dry diamond cutting can be perilous for the cutter who are not well experienced in the cutting process as there is no water involved due to usage of electricity in most of the circumstances. Cooling can perform outside of the official spin to allow the air blowing through the rims and indents of the cutter which can bring down the temperature of the cutter well down the threshold.

Apart from the Diamond blades for the cutters, we also provide the products for Timber floats, Aluminum planks, Timber planks among others from our product portfolio, which you can gather an idea of, by visiting our website at

Please reach us at 03 9761 5336 or and one of our representatives will get in touch with your shortly with the regular quote at an economical price.

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